134/2, OPP A.P.M.C YARD 583101 Bellari IN
134/2, OPP A.P.M.C YARD Bellari, IN
9.78939E+12 5e3e976931019b6f3b3d3db2 Oswaal Gujarat GSEB NCERT Solutions (Textbook + Exemplar) Class 9 Science Book Chapterwise & Topicwise (For March 2020 Exam) Planner/Diary Do you feel that there s not enough time for everything despite running from one thing to the other, the entire day? Well, that s because you might be lacking proper management. To work efficiently and manage time resourcefully, keeping a planner is a great idea. Planners are highly constructive in organizing our everyday life. As teachers and principals, there are endless errands running through your heads. Using a planner would help you not only schedule events, appointments and tasks but also ultimately saves time. Oswaal Academic Planner can be your perfect organizer and time saver. Essential details such as important contact numbers, calendar, lesson planning tips, holidays, subject planning mind maps, monthly goals planner, students feedback and teachers testimonials etc are mentioned in the planner for your utmost ease. Along with this, the 13 virtues one should abide by, such as, justice, order, frugality, silence, temperance, cleanliness, moderation, humility, chastity, industry, resolution, sincerity and tranquility are also explained in the planner. SKU-96NLTLW6HIQC
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